Preparing new specialists in tourism sector in Uzbekistan

Due to the active promotion of tourism as the strategic sector of Uzbekistan's economy, the issue of training highly qualified specialists to improve this field has become one of the top priorities for the local government. In the last few years, many opportunities have been created in Uzbekistan - starting from secondary education to advanced training courses for professionals in tourism sector.

There are two colleges In Tashkent that train specialists in the following areas:
• Tour operations
• Tour Guiding
• Hotel industry
• Catering business

The faculty of International Tourism was opened at the Tashkent State Economic University in October 1999. Currently, this faculty teaches bachelors in 8 areas and masters in 3 specialties.
This direction is promising and in a great demand, therefore, many universities are beginning the process of preparing for the opening of new, narrowly focused faculties.

After the decree of the President of the Republic of June 28, 2018, the first state university with international status - "Silk Road" International University for Tourism was opened. This is the first university in the country that trains narrowly focused specialists in the following areas:
• Tourism logistics
• Tourism marketing
• Tour guide interpreter
• Tourism services technology
• Other

Since 2019, the Silk Road International University for Tourism has been implementing a joint 3 + 1 undergraduate educational program with the issuance of double diplomas.
In the same year, the Institute for Tourism Development under the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development began its activity. This is a research institute, with the possibility of advanced training and retraining of the staff for tourism industry.