UzumFermer Family owned Winery in Kibray

The UzumFermer enterprise, located in Kibray district of Tashkent, is primarily a home winery and an exciting and useful way to spend time for everyone. Far from the center of the capital you can get away from the noise and routine of the metropolis and plunge into the atmosphere of an exotic garden. An indecently large number of points of interest fit on a vast territory of 21 hectares. Vineyards with more than a hundred sorts of table grapes and more than twenty sorts of wine grapes are, perhaps, the main pride of the owners and the most mesmerizing view for visitors. For the convenience of the guests of UzumFermer there is a restaurant on its territory with mountains and above mentioned vineyards view. Besides, guests can spend the night in a local, cozy hotel located within walking distance of the main complex. The garden atmosphere is diluted with architectural elements of Eastern and Western cultures. Walking through the garden you will surely come across a Chinese tea house, moon gate or “little Italy”. The owners of the family winery offer guided tour of the complex for everyone, including foreign guests.It includes a walk through the ornamental garden and imposing vineyards.Guests will be guided through the winery building and explained about the methods of growing grapes. Also, guests will see the process of wine creating, starting from harvesting, processing, fermentation and ending with bottling the ready product. And at the end of the tour guests can feel like a sommelier and taste six sorts of homemade wine.