Amelia b&b


The hotel Amelia Boutique is like the trunk with treasures: it is unremarkable in look, but you need only to open it to see the wonderful two-storey house. Here you will find such merging of modern and ancient decoration of traditional rich Bukhara house of 19th century like nowhere else. The hotel Amelia combines the comfort of small private hotel and the warmth of home hearth.

In the hotel there is the small hall where you can have breakfasts, lunches, dinners. The peculiarity of this hall is that it has preserved its initial appearance practically without changes. Hosts do not restore this hall on purpose not to damage the authenticity of design.

The hotel has two floors and two small yards, where you can enjoy the evening freshness and have good time in friendly talk. On each floor of the hotel there are five comfortable guest rooms. Each room has own unique design and own name.

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