Ticketing office

            Our company has its 2 ticketing offices: one in Tashkent and another in Ferghana. The ticketing offices book and issue airline tickets for all destinations with Uzbekistan Airways. Besides this, we also offer discounted tickets to the CIS countries.National Airline Company “Uzbekistan Airways” was created on January 28.1992 by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Today it is a unique company that in 21 years of its existence, proved the correctness of the decisions made. Even during the holidays and days of celebrations, all divisions of the National Airline Company continue to work the usual working hours, around the clock providing a stable and reliable air transport communications. It’s pleasant to know that professionalism and selfless work of specialists of the company allowed the national airline of Uzbekistan to keep the main priorities of the company- safety of the flights, international recognition and the trust of customers.


Ticketing office in Tashkent

Address: Shota Rustaveli #20

Zip code: 100070

Tel: +998712544934

E-mail.: avia@marcopolo.uz

Web: www.marcopolo.uz


Ticketing office in Ferghana

Address: Navai Street #26a

Zip code: 150100

Tel / fax: +998911107577