Visa to Uzbekistan



In order to enter Uzbekistan every visitor from any country (except for some CIS countries) are required to hold a valid visa issued by an Uzbek Embassy or Consulate General abroad.

Nationals of the countries where Uzbekistan is not represented by any of its diplomatic or consulate missions can apply for Uzbek visa in a third country where Uzbek Embassy (the Consular Section) or Consulate General is represented. Similarly, for their convenience, the nationals of the countries in which Uzbekistan diplomatic missions are available can still obtain Uzbek visa at the Uzbek diplomatic or consular representations located in the country other than the country of their citizenship.

For citizens of certain countries to obtain tourist visas it is required that support documentation, namely Letter of Invitation (LOI), should be presented to the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan by the hosting business (the Uzbek travel agency).

Our Company will prepare support documentation and handle visa processing for our clients, both individuals and groups, provided the due documents are submitted to us in a timely and conscientious way.



1. Prior to arrival into the territory of Uzbekistan any tourist should provide our company with the following data and details

  1. Copy of the passport with:
  • Personal data (full name, sex, and citizenship)
  • Passport details (passport number, date of issue, expiry date)
  • Date and place of birth
  • Official name of the company/enterprise or educational establishment for students,
  • Its location (country, city)
  • National’s position in this company (for working nationals)
  1. Reference from national’s place of work or studies if he/she works or studies issued on the official letterhead of the company or educational establishment (for students) and  properly signed and sealed/stamped, confirming the following:
  1. Intended duration  of  stay in Uzbekistan on a given trip
  2. Visa multiplicity (with indication of the border country intended for visit) - maximum 4 entries.
  3. Preferable place of visa application (any city where Uzbek Embassy or Consulate General is located)

 The above documents can be faxed or e-mailed directly to our address.

Tourists who intend to visit Uzbekistan through our partner - tourist agency in the country of nationals’ residence - can provide the above mentioned documents to this agency. This is especially applicable in case of group tourism when a group visa is to be issued. The package of required documents for the whole group will be submitted to us by our partner to enable us to arrange the support documentation.

 2. On receiving the abovementioned documents, our company will make the arrangements with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with regulations in force. After duly processing the package of documents (based on information submitted by applying tourist as above, plus information prepared by hosting company, namely trip itinerary, list of hotel reservation, fixed dates of entrance into and departure from Uzbekistan at the country’s border check points), Ministry of Foreign Affairs sends a telex directly to the Uzbek Embassy or Consulate General stated in the application documents and advises our company on the telex number.

Please note that it takes 5 working days to process visa application at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This period is shortened to 3 days for the nationals of the countries with preferential treatment.

In special cases an urgent visa can be obtained. In case of urgent visa issuance the processing of visa application documents is assumed to be 3 working days instead of 5 working days and that affects visa fee.

 3. Our company in its turn issues and provides the applying tourist with electronic or fax version of the LOI, featuring the above mentioned telex number. The national in question applies for tourist entry visa presenting this LOI together with his passport and photos to the Uzbek Embassy or General Consulate. It may take from 1 to 3 working days to obtain a visa depending on the Uzbek Embassy or Consulate General location.

 4. Uzbek visa can be issued on arrival in TashkentInternationalAirport for the nationals of the countries where Uzbekistan Embassy or General Consulate is not available and visa issue by Uzbekistan diplomatic presentations in other countries is not possible due to certain reasons. For example, a national of above countries cannot apply for visa in a country en route to Uzbekistan due to lack of time, which is testified by the data indicated in his/her air ticket. In such case he can obtain visa upon arrival to TashkentInternationalAirport after providing our company with the due data and details as described above. In addition to this he/she should provide the copy of the air ticket or air ticket reservation. On receiving the above data and details in due time our company will make all the arrangements in order to ensure the tourist can get a visa from the Consulate service official at Tashkent International  Airport.



Please note that according to the reciprocal treaties signed between Uzbekistan and a number of countries, visa issuance regulations are simplified for the nationals of these countries (preferential treatment).

Thus no special LOI on the part of the hosting business is required to support the issuance of tourist visa for nationals of such countries as Austria, Belgium, the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia and the USA. Nationals of these countries can apply for tourist visa directly to the Uzbek Embassy (Consular section) or Consulate General in the national’s country or a third country.

In this case the applicant fills in and submits the due documents required by the Uzbek diplomatic representation in question.

As regards such CIS countries as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, there was introduced a reciprocal visa-free regime, whereas for nationals of Kyrgyzstan visa-free regime covers a visit of up to 60 days.



Prior to applying for tourist visa to Uzbekistan please be sure that there are sufficient (at least two) blank passport pages for visa stamps and at least 6 months validity on your passport. That means the passport’s expiration date should be more than 6 months past the scheduled return date under the visa you are applying for. If your passport does not meet the requirements, please consider getting your passport renewed.

 On entering the territory of Uzbekistan you are required to show the Uzbek immigration authorities the passport with due Uzbek visa or, in case of group visa, the passport whose details are identical to those you provided for support documentation (LOI arrangement)




Single entry tourist visa:

For individuals                                                        

            Up to 7 days               US$40 per person      

            Up to 15 days             US$50 per person      

            Up to 30 days             US$60 per person      


For tourist groups10 persons and more excluding minors under 16

            Up to 15 days             US$15 per person

            Up to 30 days             US$25 per person


The maximum duration of an Uzbek tourist visa is 30 days

Additional entries (maximum 4 entries): US$10 per entry

In case of additional entries there should be indication of the countries to be visited under this visa.



In case of a transit via Uzbekistan, while traveling to a third country, all visitors should have transit visas issued in advance by an Uzbekistan Embassy or Consulate General abroad. Transit visa is issued against third country visa and the copy of air ticket/air ticket reservation to the third country. No LOI is required to obtain Transit visa.


Consulate fees for TRANSIT VISAS

Up to 24 hours     – US$ 20

Up to 48 hours     – US$ 25

Up to 72 hours   – US$ 30

Double-entry transit visa – US$ 40



On the basis of reciprocal treaty between the Governments of Uzbekistan and the USA the fee for Uzbek tourist visa for US citizens is $131 irrespective of the duration of stay in Uzbekistan.



a. In accordance with reciprocal treaty between the Governments of Uzbekistan and Japan, a tourist visa for Japanese citizens is free of charge.

b. In addition to visa fee, service (handling) fee may be charged to cover the actual expenditures. The rate of service fee is variable and depends on location of the Consulate (irrespective of applicant’s citizenship).

c. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan reserves the right to decline issuance of visa to an applicant without disclosing the reason for denial and to refuse the entry into the territory of Uzbekistan.