Deer Hill - eco-reservour for animals

In January 2020, after a long and careful preparation, the contact reserve “Deer Hills” became available to the public. The area for the habitation and reproduction of animals was chosen very carefully after consulting with experts to provide the inhabitants of the eco-farm with all possible amenities. “Deer Hills” reserve is located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level, on the territory of the Ugam Chatkal Natural National Park and occupies an impressive territory of 200 hectares. More than 100 red and dappled deer graze on the rich fields and open meadows. As per the words of the rangers of "Deer Hills", it is planned to enrich the reserve by bringing in ostriches, alpacas and llamas in the future. “Deer Hills” reserve treats its guests as carefully as they treat their animals. They have already begun to build the restaurant on the territory of the reserve and plan to build hotel, tea house and camping to improve the overall infrastructure. And even taking into account the active improvement of the reserve, you will not be left outside alone. Corporate and family tours, pacifying walks with the foothills of the Western Tien Shan views, opportunity to ride horses and, most importantly, to touch, and even feed, red deer.