Exhibition of national headdress "I embroidered skullcap with golden silk" (" Do’ppi tikdim , ipaklari tillodan") opened on Wednesday 5.02.2014 in the small hall of the International Caravanserai Ikuo Hirayama of the Cultural Arts Academy of Uzbekistan.

The exhibition consists of more than 50 different types of national headdress DO’PPI, which is part of the rich cultural reservoir of Uzbekistan, and these skullcaps are taken from the private collection of Fakhriddin Abdujabbarov- local from Tashkent.

As reported on the website of the International Caravanserai of Culture, Uzbekistan is famous for a large variety of skullcaps, which rightly considered as one of the national applied arts form and integral part of the national costume culture.

This form of art reached its heyday in the late XIX to the middle of  XX centuries when skullcaps were widely used in regular life and were produced both in large cities and in remote areas of the country.

The word "tyubiteyka" comes from the Tatar word "tyubete” Tube - top. Uzbek name of this skullcap is "duppi". Skullcaps have a variety of forms - peaked and conical tops, hemispherical and square, round and dome.