The most ancient temple of Zoroastrians has been opened in Khorezm region of Uzbekistan by Uzbek archaeologists. The findings are some of the convincing evidence that the ancient Khorezmian state is the cradle of Zoroastrianism.

The temple is located on the left bank of Amu-Darya River. The valley of this great Central Asian River became the birthplace of the oldest religion in the world and the territory of the creation of one of the first written monuments in the history of mankind- "Avesto". It is an encyclopedia of spiritual and cultural values ​​of the peoples of Central Asia. "Avesto" has some of the very important historical information on the region, and it gives an extensive information about the political and legal ideas of ancient times, the level of legal awareness of people, social norms, governing property, marriage and family relations, judgment, and justice .

The recently founded temple has become the tangible evidence of the view of the local population of ancient Khorezm. Remains of this unique facility are located near Khazarasp which was mentioned in "Avesto" as an ancient settlement on the territory of the once flourished ceramic center. Temple functioned from the end of V century BC up to the IV century BC.