City: Khiva

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Address: 1 Yakubova str., Khiva, Uzbekistan
Адрес: (located in Urgench)
Address: 2, Al-Biruni str., Urgench 
Address: 71, K. Yakubova street, Khiva
Address: 1, Pakhlavon Makhmud str., Khiva 
Address: 19a, P.Kori str., Khiva, 141000  Located directly opposite the main Ata Darvaza Gate of the ancient part of Khiva. Number of rooms - 34 (28 double, 6 single). Dining facilities - 1...
Address: 5, Centre, Khiva, 141000  A brand-new hotel located one block from the gates of the ancient part of Khiva. Number of rooms - 32 (28 double, 4 single). Dining facilities- 1 restaurant (70 pax...
Address: 11, Islom-Khodja str., Khiva 
Address: 1, Yangi Turmush Street 
The hotel dispose 21 rooms, 2 single and 19 double rooms. All rooms are very spacious and cozy and they are well furnished.Three floor hotel is not very big but cozy at the same time will provide you...
Address: 10, Pakhlavon Makhmud str., Khiva 
Address: 35, Islam Hojja str., Khiva 
Address: 60, Tashpulatov street, Khiva 
   Address: Khiva, St. P.Pahmut, 1 Two-stored Mirzaboshi hotel is located inside of the Ichan Kala by allowing all the visitors to see monuments of Khiva. The hotel is decorated in traditional style...